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An arrangement whereby a list owner furnishes names and contact information to a mailer, together with the privilege of using the list on a one-time basis only (unless otherwise specified in advance). For this privilege, the list owner is paid a rental fee by the mailer.

A commission-based service that generates substantial revenue for your organization by promoting your member or customer database for rental (on a one-time use basis) to organizations advertising through the mail.

Typically, all lists may be rented for a one-time use only. However, ask your eDatamasters representative about discounts for multiple uses.

List owners want to make sure that individuals on their lists will receive information and offers that are applicable to them and therefore reserve the right to approve your mail piece. This preserves the responsiveness of the list.

List Informations

A complimentary consulting service that identifies the most responsive prospect list(s) for your mail campaign and then handles all the order processing details on your behalf.

Simply call eDatamasters. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss the scope and nature of your mail campaign and acquire the right lists.

When you use an association list exclusively managed by eDatamasters, you receive the most active, influential and direct mail responsive prospects in their market. Why? Individuals join an association to receive more information about products and services related to their profession or personal interests. Associations also have high renewal rates and are more active and up-to-date than other types of mailing lists. This is why association members are regarded as the most responsive prospects for your offer.

The approval process varies depending on the list owner, but typically takes anywhere from 2 – 8 business days.


Yes, eDatamasters offers design services. Contact us for details.

Use our search page to find the list you would like to order. Open the list details page and then select the request estimate tab in the upper right corner of the data-card. Complete the Request Estimate form and click submit. Or, simply give us a call at +1 862-244-3868.

Depending on the list owner, turnaround times vary. Typically, it will take 5 to 10 days to process the order.

The approval process varies depending on the list owner, but typically takes anywhere from 2 – 8 business days.

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